Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength
Emotions are different forms of feelings that a person goes through in the everyday life and the each represents a certain situation. If a person is angry, he or she can indicate that by shouting or swearing and this can be from road rage or a parent being angry at their child. If one is sad they can indicate that by crying and that could be from pain, loss of a loved one etc.
Crying is a very strong way of showing your emotions. We find people who would laugh so hard that they would actually start having tears running down their face. Obviously that would be a good thing indicating that this person is enjoying what is being said.

Then we find people who cry when expressing a painful situation, going through a hard time or over physical pain. There is nothing wrong with crying, it is not written anywhere that crying is a sign of weakness. It is something done by both men and women. Actually crying most of the time can make the situation better.
We also find parents who have baby boys and often when that baby is crying, they would be told by an adult that men don’t cry. I find that wrong because you are saying they should not express the way they feel. It’s ok to cry, as long as it is not being spoilt brat or over doing it.


Nondumiso said...

Crying is okay, it is the only way that it can show how sad you are, i can here some people saying that man don't cry, they have to cry to take out the pain, I cry a lot when i am sad or having a hard time and then after that i will be okay.

ntsiki madolo said...

crying is the best part of expressing your emotions.

JuneKhuzwayo said...

Indeed crying, is another form of realising tension.